Navori is a reputed Swiss firm which has immense experience in Digital Signage software. This company has its offices in Middle East and America. Their software technology is marketed by a channel and there are digital signage operators in more than 100 nations. A nice aspect about the company is that its unique selling point is enhancing technology through creativity.

Most of the customers who utilize the technology are corporate communication like Shell oil, education institutions like California universities and hospitality like Hotels Intercontinental, Carlton etc. There are also publice venues like CBS outdoors and retail outlets like Citibank, etc.

We would want people to get in touch with us and come to our centers in Switzerland and Canada. Our innovation centers provide a great chance to find the most recent digital signage applications and get the best of the products. One can visit the innovation centers via web video.

The innovation centers are in Canada, Switzerland, Canada and Middle East and they may be visited via video conferencing. The will exhibit to you the prowess of their software and one can find the state of the art digital signage application which are inclusive of windows, tablet players, etc . They will also exhibit you the hardware which they utilize.

There is a live demo or practice of QL software by many users to view with your own eyes how much one can benefit from the best digital signage software. One can exhibit emergency messages and some other sensitive information. The QL Trigger SDK has the ability to take care of all the quick notification requirements. One can start any content quickly from the external trigger. The triggering of the content is on the basis of external data, sensors or third party software.

One can exhibit any kind of emergency message fast and start using the regular scheduling. The designers may utilize different kinds of keypads, sensors, data or third party software to initiate any content in QL. QL Content Triggering can be accessed for Windows PCs and also Android tablets.

The trigger content functions on any type of display configuration which includes video calls.

Reseller program

There is the Navori reseller program which has been designed for partners who can sell on premise software solutions to the end user customers. Resellers are firms which facilitate turnkey solutions.

To be a Navori resellers will aid you to fill in the gaps in your service or product offerings by making getting you to promote the solutions which add value to your service.


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